Amelia Gill, MSc

Sports Therapist, member of The Society of Sports Therapists & Level 3 Personal Trainer

Amelia graduated with a Master’s degree in Sports Therapy from Leeds Beckett University, whilst finishing of her service in the Army. Amelia has since worked for Sports Therapy clinics in North Yorkshire and Swindon. She believes that manual therapy and exercise prescription work hand in hand to offer the best approach when recovering from an injury. Amelia has experience treating a wide range of injuries; her strength lies in the rehabilitation of sport related injuries. She believes that the individual should understand their course of treatment and exercises prescribed; if you understand the ‘what’ and the ‘why’, then you have ownership of your own rehabilitation.


As well as being a Sports Therapist, Amelia is also a Personal Trainer. She is very passionate about strength training being an essential tool, not only in rehabilitation, but for all stages in life.


When Amelia isn’t working in the clinic or coaching on the gym floor, she spends time with her husband, son and Rottweiler!