Rebecca Memmott Panting Osteopath

Rebecca Memmott Panting, M.Ost.

Registered Osteopath

Rebecca first discovered Osteopathy when she was working as a massage therapist, and straight away knew she had to do it! Rebecca completed a Masters in Osteopathy at Swansea University, based in the College of Human and Health Sciences. 


She had the unique opportunity to train in the Health and Wellbeing Academy clinic on campus, as well as two integrated NHS clinics off campus in the final year. This has given her the opportunity to work in many different settings, and treat different types of injury/pain. She has developed a keen interest in chronic pain, and how psychosocial factors of a person’s life can affect their experience of pain. Rebecca uses a holistic approach and aims to treat all aspects of a person to improve their quality of life.


Rebecca’s treatment style is predominantly structural, with influence from previous massage experience making the treatment a fluent and relaxing experience. Rebecca is looking forward to adding Acupuncture and Cranial Osteopathy onto her repertoire of skills this year.


When Rebecca isn't working as an Osteopath, she's most likely painting as she's also an artist, and runs an Etsy shop!