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Introducing: Indian Head Massage

Over the next few weeks, we are going to be sharing a wide range of information on each of the services we offer here at Balance 360!

We think it’s important to be a reliable source of information and advice for all of our services, particularly if you have an appointment booked in and would like to learn more in the period leading up to it.

In today’s blog post, we are going to start by exploring Indian Head Massage!

What is Indian Head Massage?

This is an ancient form of massage, with early origins in Ayurvedic texts dating back nearly 4000 years ago! Within Indian culture, it has been passed down from generation to generation, particularly around times of big change in life.

Indian Head Massage is an upright seated treatment of the upper body, neck, scalp and face, utilising acupressure to induce a deep relaxation.

What can it treat?

Not only does it relieve stress, tension, anxiety, depression and more, it can also help to stimulate hair follicles - giving a moisturising treatment to your hair as well. This luxurious treatment can additionally help with circulation and releasing toxins from the body.

What does treatment consist of?

As an upright seated treatment, you will start with deep breathing before settling for the treatment to begin. A specific mix of oils will be used according to your skin, focusing on the areas of tension that each person carries differently.

Treatment consists of 45 minutes, after which most people leave feeling light and rejuvenated! We also recommend attending multiple sessions, to be able to target those deep pressure points and relieve tension as the sessions progress.

Indian Head Massage at Balance 360

When it comes to Indian Head Massage, Imogen is your go-to!

This entire experience is dedicated to healing and relaxation, tailored to each client. Our treatment room for Indian Head Massage has a completely different feel to the rest of our clinic rooms - we hope to promote deep relaxation and calm when you come to a session.

Having been educated on the benefits from this blog post, if you would like to book in for an initial consultation, or your follow up session, please click here.

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