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How Should You Treat Tennis Elbow?

Do you experience pain on the outside of your elbow that travels down your forearm when you bend your arm, grip onto objects like a pen or computer mouse, or when opening a door handle?


Then you might have Tennis Elbow! Today, our remedial massage therapist Rhys is going to be discussing all things Tennis Elbow, including how to treat the condition and his own experience treating people.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow is common with people that overuse the muscles that attach to the elbow that let you straighten your wrist. This can be from playing racket sports, long periods of time using a computer, or any activity that involves repetitive gripping and moving of your wrist and fingers. These actions can put strain on the muscles and tendons that attach to your elbow, causing them to become aggravated and inflamed.

How do you treat it?

Well, the NHS advise to rest and apply something cold to the area for a few minutes several times a day, as well as stretching, massage, and manipulation to help increase the range of motion and relieve pain and stiffness.

A Tennis Elbow case study:

A keen gardener in her early 60s popped into the clinic with pain in her outside elbow that was aggravated when gripping tools and working out in the garden. She had been icing the area when it was painful which helped, but only momentarily.

The treatment:

All the common signs of Tennis Elbow were present, so after examining the problematic elbow, we started treating with some massage and articulation to increase the range of motion and relieve the pain and stiffness. We recommended resting and provided her with an exercise plan to take the tension off the aggravated tendons.

The result:

After a few follow up treatments and with the use of a compression band worn on her forearm, she was back to gardening within a few weeks!

If you currently have any aches or pains that aren’t going away, you may be in need of a deep tissue massage.

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