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Introducing: Medical Acupuncture

Today we’re going to be introducing another one of our services here at Balance 360 - Medical Acupuncture!

We’re very excited to be discussing this service, as we have a new Acupuncturist starting with us at the clinic. Jamie Venning will be joining us and will begin to take bookings from May 12th!

In anticipation of this, we’re going to be covering all you need to know about our Acupuncture services, and what more you can expect with Jamie joining us.

What is Medical Acupuncture?

Western Medical Acupuncture is a therapeutic procedure involving the insertion of fine needles. It is derived from Chinese Acupuncture but uses current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, and the principles of evidence based medicine.

Acupuncture is part of an integrated approach towards treating pain and inflammation. There are different variations of Acupuncture, which we have available here at Balance 360. For more information about these specifically, such as Electroacupuncture and Hay fever relief, you can visit our services!

What does it treat?

Acupuncture helps treat a wide range of conditions and a wide range of patients. It is primarily used to treat pain and inflammation, through the stimulation of the nervous system.

It is great for treating: chronic (long-term) pain; chronic tension-type headaches; migraines; joint and muscle pain; jaw pain; cancer symptoms such as pain; and sickness after surgery.

What does treatment consist of?

Within this treatment, fine needles are inserted into the body for therapeutic or preventive purposes, which then stimulate sensory nerves under the skin and in the muscles. This encourages the body to release natural substances such as pain-relieving endorphins, which are responsible for the positive effects experienced with Acupuncture.

A course of sessions is usually recommended in order to see noticeable improvements in the relief of pain. A session will take around 30 minutes, involving an assessment of your health, medical history and examination. The needles used are disposable, pre-sterilised and individually packaged, with a temporary, sharp pricking sensation on insertion.

Acupuncture is generally very safe. Serious side effects are very rare – less than one per 10,000 treatments. Drowsiness can occur after treatment in a small number of patients and, if affected, you are advised not to drive.

Acupuncture can be combined with other treatments as part of a wider course of action, whether that is exercise, manual therapy or relaxation techniques!

Medical Acupuncture at Balance 360

Here at Balance 360, we have two trained Acupuncturists: Jolene, and Jamie!

Jolene may use Medical Acupuncture as part of her Osteopathy treatment after discussion and consent from the patient. She additionally offers Electroacupuncture as part of her Acupuncture services. Jamie is our newest addition to Balance 360, utilising a balance of Chinese and Western points of view to get the best results and a truly holistic approach in his Acupuncture treatments.

If you would like to book your initial consultation, visit our website to book your appointment today!

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