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Introducing: Remedial Massage

Today’s post is going to focus on our highly beneficial Remedial Massage service!

We will be answering some frequently asked questions about this service, advising you on what it helps to treat, with the intention of helping you to prepare for your upcoming session or ultimately inspiring you to book in for one in the first place!

Our Remedial Massage is key in supporting our other services here at Balance 360, playing an important role overall in the clinic and is generally a positive way to improve your wellbeing.

What is Remedial Massage?

By definition, ‘remedial’ is something that is intended as a remedy or cure, which is why this service is also commonly known as a deep tissue massage or sports massage, with the latter more commonly focused towards sports individuals!

Our Remedial Massage service is additionally used as a complementary therapy, working alongside your treatment to help postural problems and helping to remove the tension from muscles that arise from day to day life. Given its therapeutic nature, it is a form of massage that is good for anybody, including those with medical conditions, and is particularly beneficial when booked in regularly.

What does it treat?

As well as helping with postural problems and removing muscle tension, it can be beneficial for the following:

  • Improving healing after injury

  • Improving lymphatic flow

  • Deep relaxation, stress relief and sleep improvement

Remedial Massage is beneficial for everyone, helping with aches and pains, posture, stress and overall health.

What does treatment consist of?

The basis of a Remedial Massage is done by applying deep, direct pressure in different directions, which helps to influence blood flow, nerves and the muscle fibres. Various techniques are used to help work and increase elasticity in the tissue, concentrating on different areas and promoting deep relaxation overall.

Remedial Massage at Balance 360

Rhys is our fully qualified and insured Remedial Massage therapist! He always aims to tailor each treatment to benefit his clients best, making the most out of available time to allow the body to heal and rest.

To book in for your initial consultation, or follow up, simply head to our homepage:

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