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Sports & Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a complementary therapy. It supports our other services by removing tension from muscles that arise from day to day life, improving joint mobility, improving healing after injury, improving lymphatic flow. It also works alongside your treatment to correct postural problems.

About Sports & Remedial Massage

What is it?

By definition, ‘remedial’ is something that is intended as a remedy or cure. That is why this service is also commonly known as a Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage. The latter is more commonly focused towards sports individuals. Our service can be used as a complementary therapy, working alongside your treatment. It also helps postural problems, and helping to remove the tension from muscles that arise from day to day life.

It is great for:

As well as helping with postural problems and removing muscle tension, it can be beneficial for the following: - Improve healing after injury - Improve lymphatic flow - Improve joint mobility and range of motion - Deep relaxation, stress relief and sleep improvement - Prevent injury - Reduce pain

Will it help me?

Remedial Massage is beneficial for everyone. It helps with aches and pains, posture, stress and overall health. It can even help with enhancing performance in the gym! Given its therapeutic nature, it is a form of massage that is good for anybody, including those with medical conditions. It is particularly beneficial when booked in regularly.

What happens in a treatment?

The basis of this massage is done by applying deep, direct pressure in different directions. This helps to influence and increase blood flow, nerves and the muscle fibres. Your Sports & Remedial Massage therapist will use various techniques to help work and increase elasticity in the tissue, concentrating on different areas and promoting deep relaxation overall.

Initial Consultation £50.00 55 min I  Follow Up £47.00 55 min I Follow Up Plus £60 70 min


"I had a Sports Massage from Rhys this week. I'd been struggling with my calf for a few weeks. I train regularly and play rugby, I knew something wasn't quite right but wanted a professional opinion.

Rhys not only helped figure out what it could be, he treated the areas of concern and I was completely pain and "niggle" free - so much so I trained successfully that evening. Every person and injury is unique, I was lucky that mine wasn't too serious to stop me, but without Rhys' help I would still be struggling to run."


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